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Golden Luxe 24 Glitter Firming Treatment


SGD 328

Gold, one of Earth's most valuable resources, gets a turn in Flora's Luxe Golden Firming Treatment.

The treatment starts with applying a hydrating mask enriched with propolis, a plant substance rich in vitamins and minerals, which effectively keeps the epidermal layer soft and supple.

Dead skin cells are extracted before a thick layer of moisturising serum is applied onto the skin. This is followed by application of Pico spring water from Japan to rejuvenate the skin.

Flora's HAKUZA 99.99% Gold Mask, which effectively energises skin cells and accelerates skin cell renewal, is then applied onto the skin. 99.99% gold penetrates the skin readily and induces revitalizing effects. This unique facial ends with a soothing massage with a moisturizing firming cream.

After just one session, your complexion will be brighter and smoother, as fine lines are diminished and dark spots lightened. Your skin becomes more supple, radiant and youthful looking!


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