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Arcanum Lotion

Deeply penetrates to deliver a feel that your skin has been longing for

The creamy lotion embraces your skin and is immediately absorbed.
All that remains is a subtle oriental fragrance, while your entire face feels deeply hydrated. This rich and deeply penetrating lotion delivers fresh looking and glowing skin.

SGD 118

Arcanum Serum

The harmony of outstanding feel combined with immediate results

Notice the immediate change in how your skin feels after applying this product onto your skin. Touch your skin and feel how smooth and silky your skin feels. This rich skin serum is a promise of a new standard in beautiful skin as it delivers results that are so outstanding that you will not stop smiling.

SGD 208

Arcanum Cream

All the ingredients resonate with each other to deliver ideal skin

Full-bodied and rich, this cream gently penetrates into the skin. Its exceedingly harmonious blend of 20 beauty ingredients, including placenta extract, works to address all sorts of skin troubles while helping your skin achieve robust elasticity and extravagant moisture, along with a look of subtle radiance.
Renewal to the long-awaited high-volume size & even more powerful!

SGD 420

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